Church hunting.

Being that my husband is a preacher, we see a lot of people come and go from time to time. A phrase I hear a lot is "church hunting", people are out searching for a church that "fits".

I cannot stress the importance of finding the "right church", and I'm so glad that people are looking. However, I worry a little bit about what our standards are for the "right fit". The check list usually consists of the same things: good relationships, the right worship style, the right size, the right preaching, the right programs for our kids. One thing I have never heard anyone looking for? God's will.

I breaks my heart because the whole point of the church is to bring glory to God. Not to have something fun to do on Sunday, or to have just the right group of friends our age, or even necessarily to feel closer to God. But to be closer to God by helping each other become like him.

Have you ever avoided visiting a church because they only had ten cars in the parking lot? I've been a member of that church before and I can tell you that I've never felt more like a family. (We were desperate for more people to come, by the way, but none of them stayed because they wanted a bigger church.)

Have you left a church because there was no worship band? Consider that there isn't even any mention of musical worship(other than singing of course!) in the whole new testament.

Did you leave a church because they didn't have the right programs? God may be sending you there because they needed your gifts!

Do feel a lack of connection? Make a move to get to know people better. When a husband and wife aren't feeling connected, the answer isn't divorce, it's date night!

God wants us to be happy at our local congregations, but church isn't a social club to go and be comfortable at. And while there are definitely reasons to leave a church sometimes, it shouldn't ever be because we're bored. Let's remember that we aren't the stars of the show. God is!

If you're not sure what God wants from his church, please study the book of acts. And then let's ask not what the church can do for us, but what we can do for God's church! :O)

Just some thoughts. :O)

P.S. Don't forget to pray!

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